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Business Design News #1

I want to share Business Design articles that I have been reading recently. We have a glimpse at the state of Lean Startup and look into a topic that never gets old: pricing.

Is the Lean Startup Dead?

Eric Ries announced that Lean Startup is dead in times of abundant money. The approach was designed for venture that had to learn quickly with limited resources. Today, when you can collect VC money easily, scarcity of resources might not be your biggest problem anymore.
So this one is for nostalgy then: an article about the Riskiest Assumption Test. The test is more precise than building a minimum viable product that carries several assumptions.

How much is the fish?

Market research for pricing is hard. If you don’t have the resources to do a full conjoint anaylsis this article showcases a survey to get an idea of price ranges from your (future) customers.

How do you do SaaS pricing if you have no prior knowledge (as normal with new ventures or services)? The answer for busy people is CPC = MRR/25. Check the article for the full calculation.
HBR has an article on tier pricing. One of my favorite business models opening an offering to new customer segments and the best pay-as-you-want example I know is Sandemans Tours. They offer tip based city trips and reach low-cost travelers who would never book an individual tour.

If you have any suggestions or want to recommend an article, leave a comment.