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Business Design Podcast #1

Business Design Jam with Alen

Business Design Podcast #1

I recorded a podcast with Alen, creator of d.MBA. It’s a discussion about inspiring Business Design examples and the learnings we can take from them. Each of us analyzed three business models. After a short introduction, we went into details of these case studies and looked for key learnings that we can take away. I also wrote a medium article covering the six examples from the podcast.

Company Builder at the intersection of Startup and Corporation

The six business models are:

  • company builder
  • bike manufacturer VanMoof
  • messaging service WeChat
  • phone brand Lightphone
  • travel agency Sandeman Tours (I covered them in the last newsletter)
  • glasses retailer Warby Parker

Eventually we find out that a business model is a system with a lot of moving parts. They all need to work together perfectly to result in a viable business. Moreover, customer experience is largely defined by the business model. The pricing strategy, marketing channels, partners etc. define how customers perceive a product and decide whether they use it or not.
Keep that in mind when you develop your next business idea.

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