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    Definitions of a young field

    Why Business Design is the Most Important Skill of the Future - My own intro on medium

    Disruption through Business Design - Louise Schenk gives an intro to Business Design

    Business Designer: Agent of Change - thesis by Alexander Rodichev

    Business Design Booklet - introduction to Business Design by Hanna-Riikka Sundberg of gofore

    The Business Value of Design - insights report by Frog design


    What is Business Design? - an overview from David John Kaye

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    Business Design Tools - tools, coaching, workshops & resources


    Toolboxtoolbox - http://toolboxtoolbox.com

    Business Model Toolbox - tools, patterns & stories

    Product Management Toolkit - tools, books & community sites for PMs

    Makers.io - collection of product management tools

    DataViz Project - infographics and when to use them


    Mental Models - broaden your perspective to make better decisions


    Startup Idea Matrix - catgorize businesses or get inspiration for your own idea


    Experiment Picker - BoE helps with test setup and validation


    Effectuation - More of a methodology, like Lean Startup but scientifically sound

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    In case you want to go deeper

    Business Design Mindset

    Hiring at IDEO

    IDEO on Business Design


    Fjord on Business Design

    Fjord on Business Design (GER)

    Livework on Business Design and Service Design

    Alexander Osterwalder on why companies fail

    Statistics on Business Designers

    Interview with several Business Designers

    Why Design Thinking is not the solution

    A Business Design process? agile vs. lean vs. design thinking


    Goodyear's detailed process on business model innovation


    Stratechery - free weekly articles on strategy and tech


    Design Works - Heather Fraser on Business Design


    The evolution and incorporation of Business Desing capabilities

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    Meetups - join our next meetup in Berlin

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    Become a Business Designer

    International Design Business Master - programme at Aalto University, Helsinki


    Master in Business Design at Domus Academy, Milan


    Major in Business Design at Rotman School of Management, Toronto


    Leadership in Digital Communication - master's programme at University of the Arts, Berlin

    Lean Launchpad - at Stanford with Steve Blank


    Agencies teach - Frog about Venture Design, IDEO about Business Design


    Beyond Users - podcast and training targeted at designers


    Design and Thinking - learn from d.school, about design sprints, or take one of two courses on UX design


    Coursera - six selected courses


    Masters of Innovation - a collection of 100 programs on innovation and entrepreneurship

    Courses  (Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash)

    Agency talks

    What happens around

    State of the Digital Nation 2020 - where are the digital agencies heading to?


  • A Digest of my Business Design Articles

    Business oo Tech oo Design = Innovation

    Business Design

    A New Discipline is on the Rise

    The times of pure Design Thinking are over: Certainly, the last years have seen the rise of Design Thinking and similar processes that help entrepreneurs and managers to create more user-centered products and services. They are great tools to spawn desirability in customers. Nevertheless, they often fall short in creating a sustainable business model. Business Design is the remedy to this problem.


    Business Design is on the rise. In the last years a series of influential books has been published with a clear focus on the creation and development of business models. They got special notice in the startup scene and beyond.

    Business Design as Business Model Creation

    The Business Models

    Business Design Shows a New Way to Approach Business Models

    The business model has always been an important part of doing business, but recently the designing of businesses got a new urgency. It is the advance of startups, quickly changing markets, and evolving technological possibilities that make it ever more important to develop innovative business models and rethink traditional ones. These circumstances shorten the time that old business models can stay viable. Today there are technological opportunities that enable lean implementation of business models and make them change too fast for the long cycles of traditional R&D.


    Business Design provides the tools and methods to develop and test a business model. At the same time it makes the difference between a service that is just a marketing stunt and one that is a sustainable business.

    Lean Startup Process

    The Business Design Process

    A Process Inspired by Lean Startup

    Business Design is foremost a new systematic approach. It is based on articulating assumptions, testing with prototypes, iteration and fast learning. Usually we follow these three steps:

    1. Understand the market, its players, constituents and forces; translate cross-industry best practices and articulate assumptions.
    2. Develop a business model prototype, evaluate it and identify the most critical assumptions.
    3. Test your model, learn, and iterate.

    In our daily work we closely collaborate in teams with service designers and software developers to deeply integrate our business model with the value proposition of our product.

    Business Design Circluar Process

    The Business Design Mindset

    Mindset, Skills and Tools Make a Successful Business Designer

    Business Design helps us to understand the context of our businesses, develop new business models and test them quickly.


    The mindset defines how a person approaches a task at hand. You can assess the mindset with questions like: How do you think? How do you approach a problem? Which mental models do you apply?

    The mindset makes the difference between a great Business Designer and an average one, as the latter only uses the Business Design tools without a deeper understanding. However, this mindset is hard to learn quickly, instead it is usually learned from a range of past experiences.

    The Business Design mindset includes designer approach, Lean Startup, user focus, entrepreneurship, curiosity, and collaboration.

    A Business Designer uses these concepts to understand threats to an existing business, to spot new opportunities and to come up with novel ideas. At the same time, he is able to implement new concepts and test and iterate them to generate customer value. Thereby he creates sustainable business models.